3 tips for exercising with kids

3 tips for exercising with kids

As a Mum of three, believe me when I say that I know just how hard it is to fit everything into your week. With work, housework and the kids, it can be really difficult to find the time for anything else! But your health is important, so you need to make time to fit some exercise in.

These tips for exercising with kids will help you to keep fit as well as juggling family life.

3 tips for exercising with kids

I don’t know about you but my days have a tendency to pass by in a whirlwind. From the minute I get out of bed, right up until the minute I crawl back in, I’m doing something for somebody. But having recently lost over 2 stone, I’ve made my health and fitness more of a priority. It’s not been easy to fit in the exercise, but I know it’s essential in order for me to keep losing weight and improving on my overall health.

Plan your days

This may sound daft, but I mean plan your days down to every last half hour if you need to. For me, starting exercising was a bit traumatic. I’ve never enjoyed exercise, and I would do pretty much anything to avoid it. I’d always say I had too much work to do or no time because of the kids. But planning out my day in intricate detail meant that I actually could fit in some exercise.

Now I know that there will be days when you genuinely don’t have time to exercise. But all of us should be able to fit in 20 minutes at least three times a week.

I work from home, some of my hours are set by my employer, but I also run my own business in the afternoons so can be more flexible then. I’ve found that the pomodoro technique enables me to get more done in a shorter space of time. With this method, you have 25 minutes of time focused solely on your task,  followed by a short break.  Having that focused time with no distractions allows me to get much more done, leaving more time for exercise.

Use what’s around you

Exercise doesn’t need to be done in the gym. If you’re stuck at work all day and then home with the kids in the evening, then make the most of what you have around you. This could be something as simple as going for a walk on your lunch break or taking the stairs instead of the lift. Even just going up and down the stairs purely for exercise will benefit you.

Get the kids involved

When I roll out my exercise mat, at least two of the kids will start to join in with me. It’s become something of a family activity! Even the youngest likes to exercise with Mummy, and if I’m honest, he can do many of the exercises better than I can!

So it really doesn’t need to be difficult to fit exercise in around family life. Do you have any tips for exercising around the kids?