3 tips for a low-maintenance garden

3 tips for a low-maintenance garden

I’ve never been a huge fan of gardening, but I do love to spend time in a beautiful garden. There’s something really relaxing about being outside amongst the flowers and listening to the sounds of the birds singing. But the sad fact is that any beautiful garden requires some maintenance throughout the year. These three tips for a low-maintenance garden will help you to make the most of your outdoor space without spending hours working hard out there.

3 tips for a low-maintenance garden

Now, of course, there’s always the option of paying a gardener to come in regularly and keep your garden looking stunning. But if that’s not an option for you, then these tips for a low-maintenance garden will help keep the garden looking beautiful without too much hard work on your part.

Buy perennial plants

Perennial plants come back year after year, so they remove the need to buy new plants each year and spend time planting them! They are a great option if you don’t want to spend hour after hour in the garden getting mucky!

Be aware that perennial plants will need some maintenance though. You may need to cut them back each year so that they have the best chance of coming back the following year. When you buy plants, keep hold of the information that comes with them so that you know what to do.

Keep on top of things

The worst thing you can do is to completely neglect your garden altogether. Spend a little time each week weeding and cutting the grass if needed. It doesn’t need to take too long but it will make your garden far easier to maintain in the long term.

Edge the lawn

One of the quickest signs of a neglected garden is grass growing in the borders. Get yourself an edging tool and edge your lawn so that there is a clear distinction between the lawn and the border.

These three simple tips may not seem like much, but they will have a big impact on your garden, keeping it low-maintenance yet looking good all year round.